Thursday, November 19, 2009

A new video coding standard by 2013?

MPEG have set out a timetable for development of a new video coding standard, currently known as High Performance Video Coding (HVC). A formal Call for Proposals will be issued in January 2010 and registration, submission and evaluation of proposals will take place from February to April 2010. The aim will be to show significantly better coding performance than H.264/AVC. The best technical features of the proposals will be incorporated into a Test Model, a working reference codec, in late 2010. A new standard could be published in 2012/2013. The new standard is likely to deliver better compression performance for current and emerging video applications, probably at the expense of increased computational cost.

- Iain.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New book is on its way...

I've finally finished the manuscript for my new book. It's with the publishers now (November 2009) and should be published in a few months. It's a completely revised and updated follow up to my last book, titled "H.264 Advanced Video Compression". It took longer than I planned to complete, but hopefully the wait will be worth it...
- Iain.